Today is which is a good time to start providing a Certificate Of Authenticity with your product or service so potential buyers are more assured of its authenticity and genuineness...

A Certificate of Authenticity will Certify your Product or Item as Genuine / Authentic...

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The Certificate of Authenticity Templates will Certify your Products or Items as being Genuine and Authentic...

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Welcome to Certificate Of Authenticity

Having a Certificate of Authenticity for a product is very important when buying a valued product, sports memorabilia, fine art, valued photographs or other products. The COA verifies your purchase was in-fact authentic and genuine with the Certificate of Authenticity confirming it's genuine.


Great Product I will inform my friends about your product. I am in the Air Force so I have many friends. You helped me with a profit of $700.00 for a baseball jersey that the company forgot to send the COA and Hologram so I was fortunate to find you online. Thanks again M.S.

Thanks for your help & great service! - Jack


A Certificate of Authenticity offers a written guarantee of genuineness from a credible source or authority.

An avid collector of celebrity autographs, sports memorabilia and art work will often only buy autographed products which are backed-up by a genuine Certificate of Authenticity, which certificate assures what you have purchased is genuine and non-counterfeit.

Many reputable product suppliers and large companies also offer a Certificate of Authenticity for their products and services.

We also provide web site authenticity Product Authentication too where we can certify your website as being legitimate, genuine and authentic! That assurance can be real important to the person buying your products or services offered for sale on your site.

Benefits of giving a COA with your Authentic product

A Certificate of Authenticity is an abundance of information and broadly assures buyers about the genuineness of product or art work. It may contain the artist’s name and contact details; the buyer or his friends can get in touch with the artist if they wish to buy more prints of the work.

The source of the paper used in the artwork may be explained in the Certificate. Such optional COA information is of interest to zealous fine art collectors. Details of paper dimensions supplied by the certificate can be used by the buyer to order frames of the correct size for the picture. This information also helps the buyer to check whether the art piece has been messed up with.

Names of the master printer and publisher can serve as a guarantee for the purchaser. Dates of signing the print and date of edition help art historians to maintain a precise time line of the artist’s work.

The Certificate may also offer the buyer information about the product authenticity. Additional information on techniques used, artist’s comments can also be furnished in the Certificate of Authenticity.

A Certificate of Authenticity is legally applicable in all nations and valid for all languages. So next time you shop for those invaluable art works and products insist on a Certificate of Authenticity and be assured that you are investing in the real thing.

COA certificate

Do you need a "Certificate of Authenticity" for your product(s)? Look no further, we have a Template of "Certificates of Authenticity" package which is the answer to your COA needs. Instantly create professional-looking "COA's" with the ready-made templates. The Templates will have blanks that you just fill-in. "The Template is a master copy and you print the quantity needed for your product right from your own printer.

The "COA" Template (many different formats included in the package) print on special certificate paper (which can be purchased at the office supply store) or use regular paper and the certificate format will print out without using special paper.

If you do not find the appropriate template in our package for your item/product we can custom design a template using your appropriate wording and graphics for $100.

Each product sold should be accompanied by a "Certificate of Authenticity" that will verify the product is a genuine product.

  • The cost is ONLY $29.95 for the package of Templates of the "Certificate of Authenticity." You can make unlimited "COA's" for your products. There are many different templates included in the package for your use. Product Authentication Use one format or use them all, the choice is yours. If you need a more customized template with special headings/information and graphics that you do not find in the template package, we will customize a certificate template for FREE per COA design.

  • Each "Certificate of Authenticity" can be numbered individually, all you need is the Template. You can add photos or other information you want on the "COA" Template.

  • This is the only low-cost tool you will need to create authentic "COA's"

  • Each "Certificate of Authenticity" has a signature line and date. This is used when a buyer purchases the product - the seller signs and dates the certificate indicating that his product is authentic.

  • Orders will be processed and you will receive a special link to access all the templates.

  • We do not give SAMPLES of the template.

We also do custom "COA's" if you don' want to create your own "COA's" right from your computer. The cost - Only $100

The choice is yours - purchase "COA" template package and design your own - or we can custom designed "COA's" for you

For autographs or collections - the Template can be used over and over for each "Certificate of Authenticity" and it can be a little different, but still have basically the same information as the Master Template "Certificate of Authenticity"

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